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Our Mission

Empower a future where AI and AR technologies drive transformative change. With a dedication to innovation, we aim to bring about positive and meaningful impacts, ensuring that our solutions enhance the lives of individuals across diverse backgrounds and industries.


We strive to create a more inclusive, efficient, and interconnected world, where technology serves as a bridge to overcome challenges and elevate human experiences.

Our Founders' Story

Allied Future Tech is a Singapore based Social Impact startup.

Our Founders, Elias and Paul with diverse background and met through a recommendation by a mutual friend.

Paul, spent the last 25 years in Hong Kong and recently came back to Singapore permanently. With the extensive industry knowledge and experiences he accumulated over the years, he has a desire to use what he learned to give back to the society. 

Elias, a tech enthusiast and always looking to revolutionise the world. Despite his age, he had already lead and manage multiple projects locally and overseas.

A combination of experience, knowledge and energy, together with a burning passion, they will realise their vision together.

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